How is Coffee Affecting Your Weight Loss?

By Renee Mirabito

Coffee is well known to be a stimulant, and for this reason many people have wrongly considered it to also be a weight loss tool. However, recent studies have shown that your daily coffee habit can actually hinder your weight loss efforts rather than help them along.

The Physiology of Coffee

Coffee interacts with the receptors in your brain which control how calm, or how alert, you feel. When caffeine hits the receptors you get a sense of alertness. Your brain gives the signal for sugar to be released into the bloodstream. The problem is, all that energy has nowhere to go. You are left feeling jittery and nervous. A little while later your blood sugar crashes and you start feeling worse than when you woke up, leading to mid-morning cravings for sweet foods.


What Goes With Coffee?

While there is a minimal amount of calories in coffee itself, it’s often what we add to coffee that makes it fattening. A medium-sized latte with a spoon of sugar has about 200 calories. If you are looking to lose weight, you are probably aiming to consume between 1200 and 1600 calories a day. That morning coffee could be contributing to 15% of your caloric needs. Of course, there are also the frappes, the flavor shots, and a whole heap of other stuff you can add to your coffee now.

We associate coffee with a whole range of eating rituals. For instance, when you have a morning coffee at work, do you grab a couple of biscuits? When you meet a friend for coffee, do you share a cake? Our strong associations can often cause us to eat more than we normally would.


The Alternative

There are many better alternatives to coffee that can promote health along with weight loss. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and has been shown in studies to increase metabolism, as has oolong tea. If you can’t give up your morning ritual, then you may wish to consider thermogenic coffee, a coffee created using the buffered caffeine process which promotes fat burning and creates a balanced energy release.


  1. u.v. says:

    i disagree with you
    i agree that having fat milk with your coffee wont really do any good to your diet, but drinking strong coffee like espresso will help you before having a cardio workout since it raises your heart rate

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